06/04/2015 06:53 EDT | Updated 06/04/2015 06:59 EDT

Christian McPhilamy Didn't Let Bullies Stop Him From Helping Others

Talk about persistence.

Christian McPhilamy is an impressive example of being devoted to a cause.

Two years ago, the eight-year-old boy from Melbourne, Fla., saw a commercial for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital that showed kids with cancer who had no hair, his mother Deeanna Thomas wrote on Facebook on May 20.

McPhilamy wanted to help out. So he spent the next two years growing his hair out so he could donate it to the Children with Hair Loss foundation.

McPhilamy's efforts reached his goal in mid-May, when he had 10 inches of hair tied into four ponytails. He chose to donate them to the non-profit that provides kids with hair replacements "at no cost."

And it was no easy task getting there. Thomas shared on Facebook that McPhilamy "endured an awful lot of criticism, and yes even bullying, throughout this time."

"Sometimes they would call me a girl," he told

According to his mom, coaches and family friends told him he should cut it. They even offered him money to make it happen, Thomas wrote. But McPhilamy could not be swayed.

Christine Wong, COO of Children with Hair Loss, told the charity only receives approximately one in 50 donations from boys. "It's definitely inspiring to see kids starting so young with wanting to help and do good deeds," she said.

McPhilamy can take heart in knowing he isn't alone. Davin Evans, an 11-year-old from Houghton, Mich., and his mother Amy cut their locks and donated them to the same organization last month, TV6 reported.

"I am really proud of him for sticking with it for two years and growing his hair and donating it," Amy said.

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