06/04/2015 05:10 EDT | Updated 06/04/2016 05:59 EDT

Lawyer, Mortgage Broker Charged In Calgary Fraud

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CALGARY - A lawyer and a mortgage broker are facing charges in a multimillion-dollar financing fraud in Calgary.

Police say a couple agreed to sell their home in June 2012 for more than $2-million.

They say a lawyer agreed to hold the money in a trust account until the deal was done.

But when the sale closed six months later, the lawyer had disappeared and the money was gone.

Investigators say during that same time frame, seven property owners were defrauded through mortgage bridge financing.

Floyd Campbell faces 15 counts of fraud and theft over $5,000 and Brandon Antonini faces similar charges.

Campbell, 46, has been disbarred by the Alberta Law Society.

Antonini, 43, has applied to the Real Estate Council of Alberta to have his mortgage broker licence withdrawn.


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