06/04/2015 03:09 EDT | Updated 06/04/2016 05:59 EDT

Moncton Mountie deaths marked with special RCMP musical ride

An emotional day in Moncton, marking the first anniversary of the shooting deaths of three Mounties, will come to a close tonight with an iconic Canadian tribute.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will honour the city's fallen officers — Const. Doug Larche, Const. Dave Ross and Const. Fabrice Gevaudan — with a special performance of their musical ride at the Magnetic Hill concert site at 7 p.m. AT.

Members of the musical ride were in Quebec on June 4, 2014, when they got word of the shootings in Moncton that killed three of their fellow Mounties and wounded two others.

"As much as we were doing a show that's far away, we all felt close to the event that was taking place," said Const. Shawn Huygen. "We all felt attached to it at a certain point, because we all could have been in that situation."

Huygen says tonight's performance will be the most symbolic of the year as a way to say thank you for the public support and as a show of strength for the Mounties.

"It's going to be one of the bigger shows we've had."

The musical ride, which showcases riding ability and traditional cavalry drill movements, is usually performed by 32 horses and riders, with the Mounties sporting their red serge uniforms and Stetson hats. The anniversary performance will feature 24 horse-and-rider teams, in order to put on a more precise show.

Five of the riders are from New Brunswick, including Const. Harrison Teed.

"It's going to be tough," said Teed. "And we've got to keep our minds in the game about riding our horses. And we've got to know why we're there."

The riders will perform a variety of intricate figures and cavalry drill in time to music. The choreographed movements, which are done individually, in twos, fours and eights at the trot and at the canter, require control, timing and co-ordination.

The riders spend months training and practising the show, which is performed across Canada.

There is no seating available at the Moncton site, so those attending the show are encouraged to bring a lawn chair. The performance will last about 75 minutes. Admission is free. 

Free parking for the event is available at the parking lots for the Magnetic Hill Zoo, Magic Mountain and Crandall University. Vehicles displaying a disabled parking tag will be able to park in a designated area on the concert site grounds.