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31 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit The Yukon Right Now

Thrill seekers, it’s time to feed your wanderlust.

Thrill seekers, it’s time to feed your wanderlust.

The Yukon is the smallest of Canada’s three territories, but its land mass is quite large. Covering an area bigger than Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands combined, it boasts some of the country’s most spectacular mountain vistas. Tall plateaus are also a common sight, dotted with alpine and sub-Arctic flora including more than 200 species of wildflowers.

For the hiker, the Tombstone Mountains are an obvious attraction. It offers a dramatic feast for eyes — a range of wind-whipped granite cathedrals are overshadowed by a towering 500-metre vertical face. In August, the wild terrain changes hues: summer’s green moss fades into vibrant shades of gold and orange, broken up by ripples of crimson and the occasional mountain lake.

The territory's name is derived from “Yuk-un-ah,” a Locheux word meaning “great river.” The 3,185 kilometre-long Yukon River stretches from northern B.C. to the Bering Sea, making Canada’s second longest river. There’s an extensive network of lakes and rivers carved into valleys, much to the thrill of summertime rafters and anglers.

Encounters with wildlife are common for campers, but what else would you expect from a place that’s rugged and underdeveloped?

Imagination has long lured people to this remote part of the world. From amateur prospectors during the Gold Rush to backcountry enthusiasts longing to disconnect from the bustle of the world today.

So if you’re looking for some quiet, adventure, and a good reason to break out those hiking boots, this may be a Canadian destination worth adding to your bucket list.

Credit: Anthony DeLorenzo/Flickr

Credit: Umnak/Imgur

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Umnak/Flickr

Midnight Dome, Dawson City

Credit: TerenceLeezy via Getty Images

Credit: Wild Rose Dogs/Flickr

Bove Island Panorama

Credit: Thom Watson/Flickr

Credit: S. Christy/Flickr

Kluane National Park

Dall sheep graze in #Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory. #exploreyukon #VanToAlaska

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Skukum Creek

Credit: Anthony DeLorenzo/Flickr

Tombstone Mountains

Credit: Rick McCharles/Flickr

Credit: peelwatershed/Flickr

Credit: Kteague/Flickr

Mountaintop wildflowers • Yukon Territory

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Dempster Highway View

Credit: Umnak/Flickr

Can I please move here?? 😍

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Good times on grey mountain. #exploreyukon

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Credit: solviturambulando/Flickr

Community of Old Crow

Welcome to Old Crow. #yukon #exploreyukon #oldcrow #canada

A photo posted by Trevor Norris (@tnorrisyeg) on

Bennett Lake

Credit: Daniel Weber/Flickr

Carcross Desert

Where do you go to heal your soul? /•/ (Carcross, Yukon, Canada, 2015)

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#fishing in the #yukon #explore #exploreyukon

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Credit: R. V./Flickr

Credit: musubk/Flickr

Credit: foxtail_1/Flickr

Credit: musubk/Flickr

Credit: musubk/Flickr

Midnight Sun in Whitehorse

Credit: Chris Hunkler/Flickr

Credit: musubk/Flickr

Northern Lights Dancing Over Whitehorse

Credit: qousqous/Flickr

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