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Cathal Kelly Strikes A Nerve With Column Bashing Edmonton

"Sounds like he has an advanced case of CentreoftheUniversitis."

Cathal Kelly sure knows how to get a city all riled up.

The Globe and Mail sports columnist published a column Thursday, asking why in the world FIFA would choose Edmonton over Toronto as a host city for the Women's World Cup.

In his rant, he called Commonwealth Stadium "actively ugly," and slammed the city for the relative lack of ticket sales, so far.

"As an ad for the country, then, the marketing tag line of the opening match of the 2015 World Cup goes something like, “Canada: Well, you know," he wrote.

Kelly is in Edmonton covering the opening game Saturday afternoon, which will see Canada square-off against China.

"The global audience is used to seeing this level of event played on landscape architecture so pristine it makes Versailles look like urban farmland. Canada’s version is going to look like the house that gets cleaned by piling all the junk behind the couch," he continued.

It's clear, however, where Kelly's true loyalty lies:

"The world is going to tune in on Saturday expecting Toronto because that’s the city that matters. It may hurt to hear it, but it doesn’t make it less true."

As his column was about to go to print, Kelly began to troll social media:

And some people got a bit upset:

Many took it with a grain of salt, however, pushing it aside as another inflated Toronto ego:

For Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, it was water off a duck's back:

And others agreed:

Marcel and Brad win for best argument, though:

What did you think of the column? Let us know in the comments below.

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