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The Best Fashion Moments We Ever Witnessed On 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'

When it was announced earlier this week that "Degrassi: The Next Generation" was being cancelled after 14 glorious seasons, we shed a whole lot of tears.

The Canadian show, which was a sequel/reboot to the original "Degrassi High" series made popular in the '80s, basically acted as the voice of our generation. Season after season, we watched as our favourite characters (Drake 4ever!) experienced all the same high school insecurities, questions and drama (so much drama!) that we did.

But perhaps our favourite part of the show was watch the fashions evolve. From its first episode in 2001, we knew we were in for a treat (baby tees! Denim mini skirts! Thongs peeking out over jeans!), and in recent years, there's been no shortage of great style. From preppy to punk and even emo, the students of "Degrassi" have worn it all. Today, we're taking it upon ourselves to bring you the best-ever fashion moments the show has given us. And we'll #neverforget them.

  • The Infamous "Degrassi" Jacket
    At the end of every intro, the "Degrassi" title would appear on screen on the back of someone's jacket. Marco was the first character to have the honour. It was later passed onto Alli (Melinda Shankar) and eventually, Drew (Luke Bilyk).
  • Paige's Entire Wardrobe
    Paige (Lauren Collins) was the resident "cool-girl," and her perfect early 2000s wardrobe reflected that. Colourfully tinted aviators, graphic baby tees and low rise jeans were her thing, and she totally werked it.
  • Ellie's Goth/Punk Phase
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    Oh Ellie (Stacey Farber), glorious dark angel of "Degrassi." We could always count on Ellie to bring us edgy styles such as fingerless gloves, mesh tops, spiky necklaces and messy dip-dyed pigtails. The best.
  • Spinner's Hair
    Um, just look at it! Way before man buns were cool, Spinner (Shane Kippel) was rockin' some serious curls. Amazing.
  • When Tristan Bleached His Hair
    Tristan (Lyle Lettau) got a brand new look for season 13, and with it came a whole lot more sass. Hair really can change a person!
  • Imogen's Quirky Stylings
    Though no one will ever compare to Ellie Nash, Imogen Moreno (Cristine Prosperi) came pretty darn close. The quirky drama nerd used her fashion as a way to grab the attention of others -- and let's just say, it worked.
  • When They All Got Uniforms
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    As anyone who went to a school with uniforms knows, they were kind of the worst/best. They hindered our teenage individuality but they were so easy! Of course, the kids of "Degrassi" didn't even follow all the rules, and often paired their colour-coded polos with their own sweaters (or, if you're Bianca, a velour hoodie).
  • Bianca's Pink Velour Tracksuits
    Bianca (Alicia Josipovic) was definitely the hot girl in her class, and what better to symbolize hotness than a pink velour hoodie? Absolutely nothing.
  • When Emma Took Off Her Dress In Protest
    When Emma (Miriam McDonald) snagged a modelling gig for energy drink "Purple Dragon," she learned about the harsh realizations of the industry -- her body was just a tool used to sell products, and she was NOT okay with it. So, instead of going along with it, she stripped off her purple tube dress in front of a huge crowd at school, revealing nothing but a pair of tiny panties.
  • Fiona's City Girl Chic Wardrobe
    Fiona (Annie Clark) was basically the Blair Waldorf of "Degrassi" and she had the wardrobe to prove it. The preppy New York City import made the halls of "Degrassi" her runway, and for that, we're thankful.
  • Everything Ashley Ever Wore
    Ashley (Melissa McIntyre) was basically a walking talking Delia's catalogue. And much like Ellie, she had plenty of phases -- the preppy girl with perfect '90s brows, the goth girl, the indie rock chick and the feminine girl next door.
  • And Of Course, Manny's Thong
    When Manny (Cassie Steele) decided she wanted to be "hot. Not cute, not adorable, hot," she wore what might be the most memorable outfit of the entire series. A baby blue crop top, with super low-rise jeans, and a royal blue thong, pulled up for everyone to see. If Manny existed now, she'd know that thongs are so totally over.

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