06/05/2015 05:32 EDT | Updated 06/05/2016 05:59 EDT

List: Nine former and current senators to see their expenses examined by RCMP

OTTAWA - A list of former and current senators whose expense records are being handed to the RCMP:

Rod Zimmer: Liberal senator from Manitoba 2005-2013. Appointed by Paul Martin. A businessman and former Liberal fundraiser. Amount in dispute: $176,014.

Pierre Hugues Boisvenu: Conservative senator from Quebec sworn in March 3, 2010. Appointed by Stephen Harper. Quit the Conservative caucus on Thursday. A prominent Quebec victims' rights activist. Amount in dispute: $61,076.

Rose-Marie Losier-Cool: Liberal senator from New Brunswick 1995-2012. Appointed by Jean Chretien. Served as deputy Speaker, chief government whip. A prominent member of the New Brunswick Acadian community and an educator. Amount in dispute: $110,051.

Colin Kenny: Liberal senator from Ontario since 1984. Appointed by Pierre Trudeau. A former Liberal policy adviser. Amount in dispute: $35,549.

Sharon Carstairs: Liberal senator from Manitoba 1994-2011. Appointed by Jean Chretien. Former Manitoba Liberal leader. Amount in dispute: $7,528.

Marie-P. Charette-Poulin: Liberal senator from Ontario 1995-2015. Appointed by Jean Chretien. A former broadcasting executive. Amount in dispute: $5,606. Amount repaid: $5,606.

Donald Oliver: Conservative senator from Nova Scotia 1990-2013. Appointed by Brian Mulroney. Former developer, farmer, lawyer, lecturer, professor. First black man named to the Senate. Amount in dispute: $48,088. Amount repaid: $23,395.

Bill Rompkey: Liberal senator from Newfoundland and Labrador 1995-2011. Appointed by Jean Chretien. Former Liberal MP 1972-95. Amount in dispute: $17,292.

Gerry St. Germain: Conservative senator from British Columbia 1993-2012. Appointed by Brian Mulroney. Former air force pilot, police officer. An MP 1983-88. Amount in dispute: $67,588.