06/05/2015 08:58 EDT | Updated 06/05/2016 05:59 EDT

Manitoba woman awakes to honking, realizes bear cub behind wheel of her truck

PEGUIS, Man. - A Manitoba woman who was awoken by the sound of her truck's horn honking was in for a real surprise when she saw who was sitting behind the wheel.

Turns out a bear cub had crawled inside to get at a banana that had been left inside.

Anita Hudson told CTV Winnipeg says there were three bruins in all — a mother and two cubs.

Her daughter accidentally left the window on the truck open, and the bears must have smelled the piece of fruit.

But though he got inside the cub couldn't get out, so Hudson called a family friend who pulled his vehicle alongside Hudson's truck and managed to get the door open so the young bear could escape.

The vehicle, however, was left with significant damage — door panels were shredded, parts of the roof and speakers were ripped off and the airbag hose was exposed.

Luckily, she caught the whole thing on video so she had proof when she went to file an insurance claim.

(CTV Winnipeg)