These New Books For 2015 Will Have You Glued To The Page (Or Screen)

This spring provides such a wealth of must-read books that we had to split it into two lists. Our first looked at the 14 essential books by women to read this season, and we had a hard time narrowing it down to a manageable number. And now we have a similar list that looks at the 14 books written by men and released this season that you’ll want to consider for your spring and summer reading.

This list runs the gamut from comedic — but still well researched — books by former sitcom stars to prose including novels, short stories, and poetry. It also includes an autobiography from a living legend, a riveting retelling of a major WWI naval disaster, and an examination of our culture of public shame. And it features journalists who delve into everything from the growth of music piracy to campus rape culture and simply what it takes to become a good person.

These 14 books, and the other 14 on our previous list, are just the start of what’s out there on the shelves at your favourite local bookstore, waiting to be added to your spring reading list — but any one of them is a stellar place to start.

Best New Books 2015