06/05/2015 16:10 EDT | Updated 06/05/2016 01:12 EDT

Officials: Staph bacteria linked to food poisoning that sickened 50 at Utah homeless shelter

SALT LAKE CITY - Health officials say staph bacteria in meals prepared at a soup kitchen appear to have caused food poisoning in more than 50 people staying at a Salt Lake City homeless shelter last weekend.The Salt Lake County Health Department said Friday that tests pointed to bacteria commonly found on skin that can be introduced to food when prepared with bare hands and not heated or cooled properly.Agency spokesman Nicholas Rupp had no details about what was served to those who fell ill or how it was prepared.The bacteria are different from the more dangerous, drug-resistant staph bacteria found in hospitals.Emergency crews were called to the shelter Sunday night after receiving reports of multiple people vomiting. More than 50 were hospitalized but were all released by Monday.