06/06/2015 03:09 EDT | Updated 06/06/2016 05:59 EDT

Hospital for Sick Children celebrates patients' siblings

The Hospital for Sick Children is paying extra attention today to the brothers and sisters of its young patients.

SickKids is hosting its fourth annual sibling appreciation day to celebrate the boys and girls whose brothers or sisters are receiving some type of treatment at the Toronto hospital.

The day is geared towards celebrating the sacrifices the siblings of kids with illnesses often have to make.

At Saturday's event, staff awarded medals to the kids.

Two little boys, Noah and Jacob, grinned as they stood on stage with their medals hanging around their necks.

"Noah & Jacob's parents say the boys give their sister Jordan 'the biggest hugs & kisses she could ever want,'" the hospital tweeted.

To all the siblings, the hospital said: "Thank you for everything you do."

Last year's event recorded the highest attendance since its launch. Nearly 140 people came out, including 39 siblings. The youngest was 3.5 years old and the oldest was 17.