06/06/2015 08:28 EDT | Updated 06/06/2016 05:59 EDT

Regina adds sports fields to list of city facilities affected by water shortage

REGINA - Regina is closing some of its sports fields as part of its latest effort to conserve water.

Mayor Michael Fougere says some of the city's soccer, football and rugby pitches will be closed over the weekend in order to protect the grass.

He says if it isn't done, the fields could end up unusable by the time the city returns to normal water usage.

Residents of Regina and Moose Jaw were asked last month to reduce water use because of a problem that's cut the output of clean water by 50 per cent at the treatment plant that serves both cities.

Officials in Regina have already announced that the scheduled June 11 opening of outdoor pools has been postponed indefinitely.

Fougere says the city continues to thank businesses and people for continuing to do all they can to conserve water.

"We have a number of businesses that have stopped outside irrigation, property management companies are not doing any exterior irrigation. So they are bearing the brunt of this as well," Fougere said.

All ball diamonds in Regina remain open and available for use as scheduled.

But the lawn bowling greens in the city have been closed due to poor grass conditions. The closure will likely impact plans for a provincial lawn bowling tournament set for next weekend.

The city has brought in outside experts to help resolve the issues at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, and will provide more details on those steps in the next update to media on Monday.

Some people have asked why businesses continue using water normally, but Fougere insists many businesses are cutting back.

He said two gas station chains have taken steps to reduce water in car washes, and 14 car dealerships have reduced washing vehicles on the lot, including one that he said went from washing 300 vehicles per day to 20.