06/07/2015 05:30 EDT | Updated 06/07/2016 05:59 EDT

Toronto Mayor John Tory Calls For End To Carding

Lonely Planet via Getty Images

Toronto Mayor John Tory has called for an end of the controversial police practice of carding, which he said has "eroded the public trust." 

"It is my intention to see carding cancelled permanently," Tory told reporters at a news conference on Sunday. 

Debate over the practice — in which police stop and question residents and then record details of the interaction in a database even when no criminal activity took place — has gripped the city in recent months.

In January, then-Toronto Police chief Bill Blair placed a moratorium on the practice.

However, new Chief Mark Saunders insisted in a recent interview with CBC News that carding is legal and "does enhance community safety."

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