06/08/2015 02:35 EDT | Updated 06/10/2015 10:59 EDT

There's An App For That: No-Mess Summer Appetizer Recipes

Kayla Short

It's summertime, which means it's time to party in a big way. And what's a party without food and drinks? (Answer: A bad one, full of bored and hangry guests.) We reached out to our contributor network of home chefs for simple-yet-elegant appetizers that pair well with a Pinnacle Vodka cocktail, and the results are mouth-watering. Try to control your appetite as you plan your next party with the help of these amazing recipes!

  • <a href=Leigh & Meg" />
    Leigh Combrink and Meg Wismer
    Chicken wings; whether you like the salty or dry, they're the perfect appetizer for a group of friends to share. Do we even need to say more? Check out Leigh and Meg's recipe for salt and pepper wings, and get cooking.
  • <a href=The Girls On Bloor" />
    Taylor Stinson and Nathalie Sehgal
    Vodka and meatballs? Pasta turned into appetizers due to clever plating? Clearly, Taylor and Nathalie have found the keys to our hearts.
  • <a href=Fashion Food Flair" />
    Maria-Teresa Andreacchi
    Flank steak sliders are here to class up your burger game. The fact that Tee has paired them with vodka-with-candy-in-it is simply a decadent bonus.
  • <a href=Lifeovereasy" />
    Daniela Duriavig
    What we love most about Daniela's take on bruschetta isn't just its freshness, or her liberal use of vodka in the recipe; it's the mint, cucumber, and lime vodka cocktail she pairs with it. We can taste the summer already.
  • <a href=Short Presents" />
    Kayla Short
    Well, this is both unexpected and refreshing; who thought that goat cheese and peaches would go so well together? Kayla did, and she took it one further by pairing it with a lemon vodka fizz. Is it the weekend yet?