06/08/2015 04:09 EDT | Updated 06/08/2016 05:59 EDT

Upon further review, China coach has no comment on penalty call in Canada game

EDMONTON - After losing 1-0 to Canada on a stoppage-time penalty call, Chinese coach Hao Wei said he needed to watch the play on video because he hadn't got a good look at it.

Well, it appears Hao is keeping his opinion to himself.

Asked whether the coach had any comment after seeing the video, a spokesman for the Chinese Football Association declined comment.

"As the first match has ended, our head coach will not give any comment except showing his respectfulness," the spokesman said in an email Monday to The Canadian Press.

On Saturday, Hao told his post-match news conference via an interpreter: "We respect all the rules and we respect all the referee's judgment.

"But whether it is fair or not I have to watch the video afterwards."

China's Zhao Rong prompted Ukraine referee Kateryna Monzul to point to the penalty spot after she made contact with Adriana Leon, partially clotheslining the Canadian as they both went for the ball.

Captain Christine Sinclair scored on the ensuing 92nd-minute penalty kick for the Canada victory.