06/09/2015 05:51 EDT | Updated 06/09/2016 05:59 EDT

Ashtiana Rashidi dies from injuries sustained in gas station hit and run

Ashtiana Rashidi, the Centex gas station attendant who was hit by a truck while trying to stop a theft on Sunday, has died. 

Calgary police say the 35-year-old woman, also known as Maryam, had followed a pickup truck that had not paid for gas.

She stood in front of the vehicle to get it to stop, but the truck hit her and then ran her over.

Police have tentatively identified one of the suspects who was a passenger in the stolen pickup. They say he may be a minor.

The truck was found abandoned last night in the Varsity neighbourhood in the city's northwest.

Police are looking for two white men with slim builds. The driver has brown hair, and the passenger is blond.

The victim's death means that the suspects could face more serious charges.