06/09/2015 03:19 EDT | Updated 06/09/2016 05:59 EDT

Derek Kehler, Helena Curic Die Of Suspected CO Poisoning In Shipping Container-Turned-Cabin

Kehler lived in Vancouver before moving to Australia last year.

Facebook/Mc Savage

Canadian musician Derek Kehler, who performed as Steel Audrey, was found dead along with his Australian girlfriend Helena Curic in a cabin outside Sydney, Australia on Monday.

Local police are investigating the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning from a makeshift fire used to heat the cabin on Browns Road in Kurrajong.

The cabin appears to have been a converted shipping container, and Australia media are reporting the deadly gas may have come from a pot of hot coals the couple brought inside.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph called Kehler, 32, and Curic, 31, "creative souls with a full life ahead of them."

A family member discovered their bodies at about 7:40 a.m. local time Monday, according to a statement by the New South Wales police force.

Friends of Kehler, who lived in Vancouver before moving to Australia last year, confirmed their identities to CBC News.

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas produced when wood, coal and other fuels burn. It can build to dangerous levels when burning fuels are brought inside, to poorly ventilated areas.


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