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13 Father's Day Gift Ideas To Make Him Glad He's Your Dad

Dads come in all shapes and sizes (though lately, it's all about the dad bod mode). They also have many different tastes and interests (mainly food, beer, and gadgets). Here are a variety of unique Father’s Day gift ideas that take food, beer, and gadgets to another level:

Optrix Adventure iPhone 6 Case/Kit
Price: $169.95 (U.S.) (includes four special lenses, wristlet, protective lens case)
Where to buy: Optrix
The Optrix case/kit was made for the adventure-seeking photography-loving dad. The rugged case is 100 per cent waterproof up to 33 ft. and has been drop-tested 20 ft. with no damage to an iPhone 6. As such, it is perfect for dads who like taking photos under the sea… and have butterfingers when snapping pics in high places.
The kit also comes with four lenses (Normal 0˚ Lens, Wide-Angle 165˚ Lens, 2x Telephoto Lens and Macro Lens) and a protective lens case. We tested out the interchangeable lenses and found that the photo quality was spectacular.
As an added bonus, Dad might be inspired to take the family on a tropical vacation, just to test out his new Optrix kit.
Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 Wireless Headphones
Price: $329.95
Where to buy: Apple store
You’d think that good old dad might feel a little sheepish wearing the same trendy Beats by Dr. Dre headphones that all the kids are walking around with these days. But Dr. Dre is actually old school, so it’s perfectly fine for your old man to be bopping his head to the Solo2 (available in Silver, Gold and Space Grey).
Aside from making your dad feel cool again, the Solo2 provides him with 10 metres of wireless listening, the ability to take hands-free calls with the built-in mic, and on-ear controls to adjust listening volume. The Headphones come with a carrying case, RemoteTalk cable, and USB charging cable. Warning: The amazing acoustics might encourage your dad to bust out his high school dance moves.
Mountainsmith Cooler Tube Sling
Price: $17
Where to buy: MEC
Outdoorsy dads will love the Moutainsmith Cooler Tube Sling and its ability to comfortably transport essential liquids on camping trips…mainly beer. The insulated tube keeps up to six cans (or four tall boys) cool while strapped to your dad’s back on a hike. The tube sling’s durable and quick drying fabric is made of ripstop polyester. The shoulder strap is adjustable for a custom fit.
Gladiator GearTrack Pack
Price: $77.99
Where to buy: Gladiator
The best thing you can do for your dad this Father’s Day is to give him some space … in the garage. The Gladiator GearTrack Pack can help Dad organize his garage and get any household tools off the floor, thanks to an assortment of wall hooks. It only takes 15 minutes to install. It might, however, take the rest of Father’s Day to re-organize the mess in the garage.
Carnivore Club
Price: $50/monthly membership fee
Where to buy: Carnivore Club
The Carnivore Club is the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving, every month. Meat eater dads will love the assortment of exotic sausages and jerky delivered to their door every month. For an extra $90, you can even order the Carnivore Club’s special Father’s Day Meat Box special delivery. The box itself is handcrafted from American pine and contains four to six artisan-crafted cured meats.
Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch
Price: $249.99
Where to buy: Best Buy
Right off the bat, your dad will see that this is a sleek, luxurious looking watch. It has a Horween leather band and jet-black stainless steel case. So if your dad is a watch aficionado, then you’ve already won Father’s Day with the Moto 360.
But when it comes to a smartwatch, it’s what inside that counts. Fortunately, the Moto 360’s high-tech features will not disappoint your dad. For starters, the touchscreen Moto 360 connects with your Android smartphone (version 4.3 or highter) to let Dad take incoming calls, check emails, and view text messages with a flick of a wrist.
This smartwatch also packs a punch, with 4GB of internal storage, a built-in pedometer, heart rate monitor, and stopwatch. It took us less than a few minutes to take a sample Moto 360 out of its box, sync it up with an Android phone and intuitively figure out all the features. So even the most technophobic dad doesn’t have to worry about setting the time on this watch.
The Aviator 7-in-1 Bluetooth Wooden Music Center
Price: $228.88
Where to buy: It Home Products
If you are a keener and want to be Daddy’s Dearest, get him a Father’s Day present that is actually seven gifts in one. The Aviator 7-in-1 Bluetooth Wooden Music Center is the ultimate gift for the dad that loves his old records, but likes today’s listening technology.
Here’s how the Aviator can count as multiple gifts:
1. It can turn your dad’s vinyl records and mix tape cassettes into CDs.
2. It even acts as a 3-speed turntable if he wants to relive his teenage years in his parents’ wood paneled basement.
3. CD Player
4. Cassette Player
5. AM/FM Radio
6. Recorder
7. Built in speakers/sound system

Be sure to get your dad headphones as well, or else you’ll be forced to listen to his entire record collection from high school. Unless he went to school in the '80s ... the '80s were awesome.
Justin Power Bank
Price: $39.96
Where to buy: Staples
The Justin Power Bank is perfect for the dad who is always on the go, but is always running out of power for his gadgets. The compact Power Bank has enough juice to recharge Dad’s Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and other phones three times from 0% to 100%. It’s a great little gadget for emergencies. One phone charge is great, but you have to wonder how much trouble dad is in if he needs to fully recharge his phone three times before he is rescued.
Bracketron Road Boost XL
Price: $129.95
Where to buy: Bracketron
The Bracketron Road Boost is a very thoughtful gift for the dad with a beat up old car. The next time your dad’s car breaks down, he doesn’t have to slightly lift up his pant leg on the side of the road to entice a Good Samaritan driver to give him a boost. He can do it all by himself with this portable roadside emergency booster — which can also be used for motorcycles and boats. The unit also features a built-in LED flashlight with blinking and SOS modes to alert fellow motorists and roadside assistance.
The 12000 mAh rechargeable power bank looks tiny but it has a 200A starting current with a peak of 400A. The emergency kit includes jumper cables, AC/DC chargers, and carrying case. A gift like this might even make your dad hope for his next car breakdown, just so he can test out his new toy.
booq Cobra Slim laptop bag
Price: $195
Where to buy: Booq Bags
This isn’t any ordinary computer bag. The booq Cobra Slim is the ideal bag for the dad who is a stylish computer geek. On the surface, the Cobra Slim doesn’t even look like a computer bag. It looks more like something that could be worn on a runaway at an office-wear fashion show.
A closer look reveals a bag that can fit a 15-in MacBook or a 15.6 PC laptop, plus extra room and compartments for laptop accessories, notebooks, and even a small umbrella. The bag’s exterior is made out of a waterproof material called Bionic yarn, which is made from recycled beverage bottles.
Onanoff Sound Cover
Price: $199
Where to buy: Onanoff
If you have a dad who is always into gadgets that transform into other gadgets, then the Onanoff Sound Cover will blow his mind on Father’s Day. Dad will think you just got him a protective cover for his iPad … but wait until he realizes that the cover actually doubles as flat panel speakers that amplify the iPad’s volume by up to 400 per cent. The wireless speaker cover also has a built-in mic for calls and is available in Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Tactical Black.
RCA “Air” Ultra-Thin Antenna
Price: $89.99
Where to buy: RCA
Imagine telling your TV-loving dad that you got him the gift of FREE cable … in HD. To top it off, the RCA Ultra-Thin Antenna looks ultra cool. The indoor antenna’s double sided/layered reception element maximizes and strengthens broadcast signals. It is able to receive local HD and Digital TV broadcast in 1080 resolution (better than cable or satellite) for FREE (be sure to repeatedly make that clear for Dad).
Brinkmann Smoke ‘n Grill Charcoal BBQ
Price: $79.99
Where to buy: Home Depot
Update Dad’s grill collection on a budget with this sleek option that both grills and smokes! BBQ-loving Dad can cook his favourite meats to perfection on the two chrome-plated steel cooking grates that can hold up to 50 pounds of food. The Smoke N’ Grill’s porcelain-coated charcoal pan holds up to 10 pounds of charcoal or wood, allowing for extended cooking times and maximum flavour. The heat indicator in the dome lid eliminates guesswork, helping to ensure dad cooks steaks to perfection every time.


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