06/09/2015 06:08 EDT | Updated 06/09/2016 05:59 EDT

Toronto couple's baby boy born in SUV on east-end road overnight

It was a wild and joyful night for one Toronto couple who welcomed a new baby boy into the world in a rather unusual way. 

Shortly before midnight, Norman Wan and his wife rushed out of their home and headed to hospital after she went into labour. 

It became clear that the infant had no intention of waiting around for the comfort and safety of a hospital delivery room.

"We were on our way there and it just happened," said Norman Wan. "So we called 911 on our way out and they met us here."

The mom's name wasn't immediately available.

Emergency responders from Toronto and York Region met the couple on Morningside Avenue near Oasis Boulevard in suburban Scarborough, and Wan's wife delivered her baby in the couple's Toyota RAV4 with the help of paramedics. 

"We have a baby boy," said Wan, smiling.

The new mom was taken to hospital with their infant son for continuing care. 

The couple hasn't chosen a name yet.

"It was a good adrenalin rush," said Wan.