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'Truth Or Drink' Exes Is The Game We All Secretly Want To Play

If you still have somewhat of a relationship with your ex or even if you haven't seen them or talked them in years, this "truth or drink" exes version is definitely hard to resist.

The premise of the game is simple: You can either play truth or dare or take a shot of whatever is on the table. In the video above, Cut Video features seven couples who have dated in the past.

Each person is allowed to ask their former significant other a series of questions or dares, including things like, "Do you still love me?," "How long did it take you to get over us and what did you do to help yourself get over it?," and "If we were the last two people on earth, would we become lovers?" And since this video is titled Episode 1, we can only wonder who will take part in the sequel.

Although the idea of staying friends with your ex seems possible at one point, people will tell you it really depends on how your relationship ended in the first place. For example, not being friends in the beginning may help you move on from your ex.

In the video above, we see couples bring up the not-so-happy past, dwell over the good times and drink away questions they don't want to answer. And stay tuned to see what the producers ask them to do at the end.


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