06/10/2015 04:15 EDT | Updated 06/10/2015 04:59 EDT

17 Simple And Natural Acne Solutions

These natural zit zapping solutions are just as effective as the products on drugstore shelves.

The countdown to summer is on -- the season for flaunting glowing, sun-kissed skin.

But while a balanced diet, regular exercise, a good night's sleep and a consistent skincare regime can help keep your complexion clear and radiant, there are seemingly endless reasons you can still wind up with a nasty breakout.

Over the counter acne treatments can be harsh on your delicate skin -- and your wallet. That's why more people are tuning to natural zit zapping solutions that can be just as effective as the products on drugstore shelves.

So we've rounded up some simple and natural acne-fighting remedies in the slideshow below, many of which can be found right in your kitchen! Be sure to add your favorite natural acne fighters in the comments, and remember to always test any new products on a small patch of skin before apply them over a larger surface, to see how your skin will responded.

Good luck!

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