06/10/2015 01:19 EDT | Updated 06/10/2016 05:59 EDT

Newfoundland and Labrador Crown land report delayed as feedback reviewed

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Newfoundland and Labrador says its review of how Crown lands are managed is being extended and its final report delayed due to the volume of public feedback.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Keith Hutchings says more than 190 participants came to consultation sessions across the province.

His department also received more than 45 written submissions.

A final report expected this month on how to modernize the provincial Lands Act and streamline applications for Crown property is now due in late July.

A three-person review committee was announced earlier this year to lead public consultations.

The department is also getting legal advice from the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador on the sale and purchase of land.