06/10/2015 02:32 EDT | Updated 06/10/2016 05:59 EDT

TransLink CEO Apologizes To Passengers For SkyTrain Shutdown: 'Not Good Enough'

The shutdown was caused by a single motor failure.

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TransLink CEO Doug Allen said a faulty motor on a single train caused the two-and-a-half-hour SkyTrain shutdown yesterday that stranded passengers on 19 trains.

"I want to apologize" directly to the passengers who were inconvenienced, said CEO Doug Allen.

Allen said 15 of the 19 trains were attended to within 20 minutes — but four were left too long.

"That's not good enough," Allen told reporters Wednesday morning.

More staff are needed during shutdowns, and 16 more will be brought in by August, he said.

During the shutdown, a transit spokeswoman said the trains were stopped by some sort of electrical issue when they lost communication with the control centre.

"Definitely we understand that people are upset. Yesterday was a long wait" in the warm weather, Colleen Brennan, vice president of communications for TransLink, told Rick Cluff on CBC's The Early Edition.

Not long enough, however, for TransLink to offer refunds to passengers as it did after a six-hour shutdown on May 22.

Riders will not be reimbursed this time, she said.

"'We are sorry, but I know that's not enough for people."

Brennan said with an aging system and a large city, shutdowns will happen, but TransLink is concerned about the recent frequency — even if the events seem to be unrelated.

"Unfortunately we've had a spate of them. We're talking this morning about why these things are happening, and how we can reduce the frequency and duration."

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