06/11/2015 09:41 EDT | Updated 06/11/2016 01:12 EDT

Emails about chemical made officer fearful and led to arrest warrant

HALIFAX - The officer who sought a Canada-wide warrant for a man facing a charge of threatening police with a poisonous chemical says he feared the accused would harm officers if he was stopped during a trip to Ottawa. Const. Marques Reeves of the Halifax police testified in Nova Scotia Supreme Court he was concerned for the safety of police officers who might come into contact with Christopher Phillips as he travelled from his home in Halifax to the national capital in January.An email written by Phillips that has been provided to the court describes how the chemical could be put in a container and thrown at police.It also goes on to say he would never use the substance as a weapon.Phillips was arrested in an Ottawa hotel on Jan. 21 after police found a large stockpile of his chemicals in two locations in Nova Scotia.He has pleaded not guilty to threatening police officers and possessing a weapon — the hazardous chemical osmium tetroxide — for a dangerous purpose.