06/11/2015 01:07 EDT | Updated 06/11/2016 05:59 EDT

Norman Raddatz, Alleged Cop Killer, Had Extremist Facebook Page

The page reportedly contains derogatory terms about black people and homosexuals.

EDMONTON - Norman Raddatz railed online about police, courts and paying taxes and spewed derogatory terms about black people and homosexuals.

The 42-year-old refrigerator repairman killed an Edmonton officer earlier this week, when the constable showed up with an arrest warrant at Raddatz's front door. Raddatz died in his home shortly after the shooting as the house went up in flames.

A source says Raddatz had a Facebook account under the name Dino Stomper.

In May and August of 2014, parking tickets were posted on the page for vehicles parked outside Raddatz's bungalow. Two tickets were for an old motorhome that was eventually towed because it had been parked too long on the street.

Raddatz complained it had been stolen.

"Unlawful seizure without warrant or just cause, and I was threatened with arrest!!" he wrote, adding those against him would be held accountable for trespassing and harassment.

"They will have to drag me to court by force. I will not voluntarily enter a corrupt admiralty court."

Police have said they were investigating Raddatz for anti-Semitic bullying of an Edmonton man and his family dating back to February 2014. They feared for their safety and filed a complaint a few months ago.

Eight officers went to Raddatz's home on Monday night and bullets started flying through the front door. Const. Daniel Woodall, a 35-year-old officer in the hate-crimes unit, was killed. A second officer was shot in the back but survived because of his bullet-proof vest.

The other officers were pinned down by gunfire for 10 minutes. More than 50 bullet holes were later found in the house and garage across the street.

The agency that investigates serious police incidents said Thursday that an autopsy confirmed that a body found in the basement of the burned-out home was Raddatz and that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound before the house went up in flames.

Neighbours have described him as an unfriendly, divorced father who drank, was out of work and didn't take care of his home. He had a small dog and sometimes put dog feces on top of his fence to irritate those living next door.

Court documents show a bank had foreclosed on his house and it was for sale.

"By the time we've paid the mortgage, filled the fridge, paid utilities, paid insurance and filled the fuel tanks, we've been taxed at over 80%," said another Facebook post. "Most forget that all purchases have hidden taxes. Example: a green pepper should not cost $1.99 at Safeway."

Raddatz noted that American families are evicted from foreclosed homes at gunpoint by SWAT teams.

He referred to police as "pigs" and homosexuals as "sodomites" and exchanged messages with a friend against Jewish people.

He liked music by Sarah McLachlan and, although Rihanna is a "talented girl," described her using a racial slur.

A former co-worker has said Raddatz had a reputation as a racist. Another former colleague, the man who made the hate-crime complaint against him, declined an interview.

Raddatz had 15 friends listed on Facebook, including one believed to be his dog.

Alana Holtby, another friend, wrote a post on her Facebook page the day after the shooting: "Mental illness and depression can make the world a very dark place, and I'm sorry that none of us could have made it a little bit brighter for you.

"I know that the officer deserves just as much respect. But today I will mourn you Norm and I will be there for everyone that knew you."

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