12 Centenarians Share Life Advice Gained From 100 Years Of Wisdom

From the teen heartthrob on the cover of a magazine to the ingenue blogging from on her lifestyle site, it seems like everyone wants to dish out life advice.

Sure, we all love to hear how the rich, famous and successful got to where they are, but what about the 100-year-old grandmother who lives down the block? Have you taken a moment to ask her about life and her secret to longevity? James Altucher has. The writer sat down with 12 centenarians and asked each of them to share one piece of advice for everyone around them and shared it on his personal website.

From warnings not to worry to talking about the benefits of travel, these men and women have lived through it all and want to help you get there too. Check out the graphic below for 12 pieces of advice that stand the test of time.

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