06/11/2015 06:02 EDT | Updated 06/11/2016 05:59 EDT

Puppies chained to fence during storm prompt concern

Despite a pair of Canadian actors, two animal welfare agencies and the Toronto police coming to help two puppies chained to a fence, the dogs remain in questionable conditions at a home in Toronto's east end.

Shelley Ravells heard the two puppies crying during a severe thunderstorm on Wednesday near her Broadview Avenue and Dundas Street area home and immediately worried about the animals' welfare. When she investigated further, Ravells said she found the puppies without food and immediately called the Ontario SPCA, Toronto Animal Control and Toronto police.

Officers of the three agencies said there was little they could do unless the animals were in immediate danger. The police fed the puppies and left.

So Ravells posted about the puppies on Twitter and Facebook, and was surprised to see who turned up.

Canadian television actress Tammy Isbell and her husband, Orphan Black actor Peter Outerbridge, answered that call.

Isbell and Outerbridge saw the post on social media and decided to come to the rescue the puppies.

"It is animal abuse," said Isbell. "We all need to get together to make sure they're safe. At what point do you step in? The owners don't seem like they had the time or the energy of take care of them."

The actor couple took the dogs into their car and drove away.

Isbell knew going onto the property to take the puppies could be considered trespassing, but she called it a "calculated risk."

But shortly after leaving, Isbell returned the dogs to the house, saying she was just taking them for a walk.

The authorities have left a note for the owners and await making contact to discuss the puppies.