06/11/2015 04:10 EDT | Updated 06/11/2016 05:59 EDT

Winnipeg girl, 17, trafficked for sex with up to 50 men, Crown alleges

A 17-year-old girl says she was forced to have sex for money with at least 20 and up to 50 men and was held against her will for about 10 days.

The startling case of human trafficking came to light Wednesday in a bail hearing for one of the accused.

Three people have been charged with trafficking a person under the age of 18 — Jeanenne Fontaine, 27, Jesse Clifford Thomas and Eric Jade Wirffel. A fourth accused, Clinton Wirffel, has not been arrested yet.

In a bail hearing for Fontaine Wednesday. the Crown ran through the case.

The Crown said the victim told police she was brought to an apartment building on Furby Street on May 20. She spent a couple of days there until a man told her she would have to start making money in the sex trade.

Threats of violence

The victim was then forced into the sex trade with threats of violence being made against her and her family, the Crown said, adding that the girl tried to leave but was stopped by one of the accused.

The Crown also said the victim was given provocative clothing, then the accused took pictures of her and posted the photos to a site known for selling sex and escorts.

When men started responding to the ad, the victim would exchange sex for money and hand the money over to one of the accused, the Crown alleged.

The Crown said some of the accused would often hide in the bathroom while the victim and client were in bed. The acts happened in two different suites, and she was forced to do outcalls.

This went on from May 20 until June 1. Over time, the victim was given more liberties. She went to police on June 2 and told her story.

In court, Fontaine denied having any involvement in the case.

Fontaine, who was physically ill during the hearing, told court she was pregnant.

She was granted bail with conditions she live with her sister. She also has an 11 p.m. curfew and can't have access to any device, including a cellphone, that could connect to the internet.

In the meantime, the police investigation is ongoing as officers comb through hours of surveillance video from the Furby apartment block.

They are also looking for any surveillance tapes from taxis.