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Young Entrepreneur Designs World's First Line Of Climate Adaptive Hijabs

Designed by 22-year-old Ahmad Ghanem, these climate-adaptive hijabs are the first of their kind.

Beating the summer heat can be a challenge for women who wear a hijab. But one young entrepreneur is hoping to finally change that.

Ahmad Ghanem, 22, and his company Veil have designed the first line of climate adaptive hijabs called "Cool Dry," and he's taken to Kickstarter to raise the funds to make his vision of helping millions of women a reality.

"No matter how hot it is outside, they wear it -- and they wear it with pride," Ghanem says on his Kickstarter video. "It’s up to us to make their lives a little more comfortable."

After researching different fabrics, Ghanem chose 100 per cent nylon to create the Cool Dry hijab -- the same sweat-wicking, wrinkle-proof material used to make athletic wear. That means women can also wear the hijab and stay comfortable during physical activity.

"Seeing all these apparel companies like Nike using technology in their clothing made me think, why hasn't this been incorporated into the hijab?" Ghanem told The Huffington Post UK. "These women need it more than any athlete, in my opinion. They wear it all year round, no matter what the weather. It's amazing."

The hijab also has cooling technology that reflects sunlight to keep wearers up to 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler than when wearing regular hijabs. The Cool Dry hijab is also waterproof to keep women dry on rainy days.

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So far Ghanem and his company have raised more than four times their original goal of $5,000, with eight days still to go.

"I want to continue to innovate, revolutionize, and change the way people see the hijab," Ghanem told BuzzFeed. "These women are the strongest and [steadfast], and they deserve everything. The hate and verbal abuse many of them receive is wrong and unfair, and I hope my brand can inspire them to go out and become what they want to be."

You can pre-order the Cool Dry Hijab in black, silver lake blue and bright white on Kickstarter until June 20th. And be sure to keep up with the company and the campaign by following Veil on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

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