06/12/2015 05:12 EDT | Updated 06/15/2015 08:59 EDT

How To BBQ Chicken Without Burning It

There's nothing more satisfying than a juicy chicken breast smothered in BBQ sauce on a fine grilling day. But if you're not a pro (or don't know these tips above), all you end up with is dry, tasteless and charred meat.

In the video above by Martha Stewart's Kitchen Conundrums series, we learn three easy ways to avoid creating a BBQ chicken disaster. The first step is to figure out the perfect rub. Chef Thomas Joseph uses a simple rub with fresh spices, salt and pepper. Using a rub as opposed to a sauce right away will prevent your chicken from burning.

You can use these three tricks either on an outdoor BBQ grill, an oven or a portable grill.

And if you're looking for more saucy ideas and which sauce fits each type of meat (or veggie), check out our sauce recipe guide below.

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