06/12/2015 02:45 EDT | Updated 06/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Lynn Canyon cliff diving conditions have changed due to low water levels

North Vancouver Fire Services is warning people to be careful when diving and swimming in Lynn Canyon after a woman injured herself earlier this week.

Water levels are quite low compared to previous years because it was a mild winter and there is not as much melting snow coming down from the mountains. And that means the conditions could be riskier this year, the fire services says. 

"I'm never going to suggest that people don't go out and enjoy the outdoors," said Wayne Kennedy, deputy fire chief for District North Vancouver.

"I would stress that if they are going to come out to the outdoors, they exercise some caution and use good judgement when they are swimming around these areas. Changing water levels in rivers introduce potential new dangers that might not have been their earlier or at another time where they visited the river before."

North Vancouver launched the Lynn Valley Ranger Program in the early 1990s to educate the public about the inherent risks associated with the park.

"We've decreased the number of incidents over the years with them, but that said we still end up coming to the areas for the people that choose to ignore the warnings."

"They are already on the other side looking and thinking about jumping onto the rocks so they are reminding them of some of the dangers that lurk underneath the water as well as the jump itself and that they could injure themselves by doing it."

While Kennedy doesn't want to prohibit people from swimming, he says there is no definitive right way to jump into the river.

"Some people seem to do it and never get hurt and some people we run into it's their first time and they hurt themselves tragically."

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