06/12/2015 07:01 EDT | Updated 06/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Meet Montreal diver Maxim Bouchard

Maxim "Max" Bouchard started diving thanks to his brother Raphaël. Maxim's mom brought him along to watch Raphaël's diving practices, and soon Max joined his brother in the pool. Since then, he's won four consecutive national titles.

Here is a little more about Maxim Bouchard:

Where he's from

Maxim grew up in St-Constant on Montreal's South Shore.

His inspiration to start diving was his brother Raphaël. After seeing a commercial featuring Olympian Annie Pelletier, Raphaël convinced their mother to put him in diving class. Maxim's mother used to take him to his brother's practices but he was too much of a busy body to sit quietly in the grandstands, so she threw him in the pool with Raphaël.

Maxim quickly fell in love with the sport and since then has been chasing his Olympic dream.

As a teenager Maxim honed his diving skills in the sport-étude program at Antoine-de-Satin-Exupéry CEGEP in Montreal North.

He took those skills to the Philippines in 2010 to compete in diving shows, but an injury cut short his performing career. 

Since returning to Canada, he's won four consecutive national diving titles.   

Where he is

Injuries have defined Maxim's lead up to the Pan Am Games. He had shoulder surgery in September and just two months ago, he broke his foot. He's also struggled with a tendonitis in his shoulder and knee.

For now his training is all about getting healthy. A typical day consists of one diving session in the morning, followed by physiotherapy sessions and two weight training workouts.

Where he's going

Max is set to restart full training next week and he expects to be in top form for the Pan Am Games where his goal is to reach the podium.

In August, it's off to Kazan, Russia to compete in the 2015 FINA World Championships.

Both the Pan Am and the World Championships represent an opportunity for him to earn Canada a spot in the 2016 Olympics.

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