06/12/2015 09:53 EDT | Updated 06/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Montreal police camo pants fallout continues post-Parizeau funeral

The head of Quebec's association of police chiefs says her group would stand behind a law banning officers from wearing pants that aren't part of the standard uniform.

The situation came to a head this week when some Montreal police officers wore camouflage pants while working outside the funeral of former premier Jacques Parizeau.

Officers have been wearing colourful and camouflage pants for months to protest against changes made to their pension plans.

Helen Dion, the newly elected director of the provincial police chiefs association, said she understands officers have few options to protest.

"They don't have other ways to express their disappointment," she said on Daybreak Friday morning.

She said the tactic is no longer useful; meanwhile, other attempts to get the officers back into their uniform pants have failed.

She said the pants issue needs to be resolved sooner than a deal can be met at the negotiating table.