06/12/2015 08:37 EDT | Updated 06/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Newborn orca calf spotted near Tofino

A new transient orca calf was sighted in the waters off Tofino, B.C. earlier this week.

John Forde of the Tofino Whale Centre and Strawberry Isle Marine Research Centre says the calf appears to have been born this week inside Clayoquot Sound.

He says a group of transient orcas were seen entering the area Tuesday and on Wednesday, one of the females was seen swimming with a newborn calf.

Forde says the young orca looks to be very healthy.

"The fairly large calf was swimming a fair distance from its mother and swimming strongly," he said. "We had a hydrophone and got some recordings of some varied vocalizations ... everything was good." 

Four new calves have been born to endangered southern resident orca pods so far this year. 

While transient orca populations have been more stable, Forde says this new calf is also very good news, as it's the first time a transient calf has been born in the area since 2013.