06/12/2015 11:47 EDT

The Songs Of Summer 2015 You'll Love

If there's one time of the year to roll down the windows and blast your music, it is obviously the summer — which is fortunate, as it just so happens to be the time when poppy, happy and straight-up great songs are released.

It's not hard to think of hits from summers past — songs like "Steal My Sunshine" are inextricably linked to the lazy, hazy days of 1999, while 1996 (for better or for worse) was known as the summer of "Macarena." Billboard's lists of the top summer hits from the past 30 years is basically a night of nostalgia waiting to happen.

But enough of living in the past — it's time to celebrate the newest, most fun hits that will be blaring from every store and car window this summer. You may as well get a head start on your dance party playlist, right?

We've chosen the 25 songs of summer, based essentially on their fun factor and danceability, as well as the ones we just knew will be hits based on the first few bars. Just remember to take them in sparingly, so as to stave off the inevitable overexposure by the time August rolls around.

Scroll down to watch the videos in our slideshow, but we also put them together in a convenient Rdio playlist for your listening pleasure!