06/13/2015 02:39 EDT | Updated 06/13/2016 05:59 EDT

Quebec looks to push retirement age, pension collection

Philippe Couillard's government is looking at pushing back the age at which Quebecers can begin collecting their public pension funds.

Currently, Quebecers can begin receiving pension payments at the age of 60.

But according to The Canadian Press, Finance Minister Carlos Leitão said pushing back the retirement age and the pension timeline are becoming inevitable because people are able to live and work longer.

He said people these days can continue to have active lives for another 25 years if they retire at 60.

Leitão mentioned the pension changes at the Liberal congress held on Saturday in Montreal.

The Liberals also want to end financial incentives that favour early retirement, instead replacing them with ones that promote late retirement.

The government's bed already seems to be made — these types of measures appeared in the last provincial budget. Leitão also said the government would take the changes even further in years to come.