06/14/2015 12:55 EDT

Ottawa Owner Livetweets Search After Dog Left In Cargo Hold Of Plane

Bruno the dog has had a very long and strange trip.

Stephen Wicary, a Bloomberg News editor in Ottawa, took to Twitter after Cubana Airlines lost track of his beloved dog. Bruno was supposed to fly from Cuba to Canada in cargo on Saturday to join Wicary, who lived in Cuba for three years.

But Bruno didn't arrive in Montreal on the flight he was supposed to be on, and airport staff in Cuba thought he may have been sent to Toronto instead.

But a search for Bruno at Toronto Pearson turned up no sign of the lost dog.

Finally, nearly 18 hours after Bruno was put in his travel crate, he was located.

It turned out the dog had travelled all the way to Montreal and then back to Cuba.

Bruno's plight caught the attention of plenty of pet owners on Twitter.

Safe journey home, Bruno.

UPDATE: Bruno is home! He landed safely in Montreal Sunday afternoon.

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