This Touching Video Of Father-Child Bonds Will Bring You To Tears

When it comes to child rearing, mothers tend to take the limelight as the primary caregivers — but studies say the role of the father is just as important for the future success of a child.

Still, scientists believe the father-child bond is also a more fragile one, Psychology Today explains. According to the site, the role of the father is to help a child prepare for life outside of the home, which can sometimes result in a more stoic and stern approach to parenting. While fathers today may take a different approach, that might explain why some children have historically found it difficult to talk to their dads.

In the video above by Echo Storytelling Agency, ten fathers and their children take the #tellthemnow challenge, taking turns explaining why they are proud of and grateful to each other. Standing face-to-face, the children start first asking their dads what about them makes their fathers proud. Some dads crack jokes while others take deep breaths — apparently none of them knew the exercise was going to be this intense.

Then, once the awkwardness subsides, it's the fathers' turn to listen as the kids reveal why they love them. Throughout the 3:06 minute video we see flushed faces and teary eyes and yes, you probably will need some Kleenex.

Watch the video above to see the full heartwarming video, then be sure to give your loved ones a call and #tellthemnow.