06/15/2015 17:17 EDT | Updated 06/15/2016 01:12 EDT

Murder suspects travelling with dog have been sighted across Ontario: police

TORONTO - Toronto police believe a dog is the key to finding two murder suspects.Police have released video footage of two people investigators identify as Clyde Marshall of New Brunswick and Sabrina Chouart of Quebec, who are wanted in the death of a Kleinburg, Ont., man.The video shows a man and a woman with a large brown dog walking down the hall of the eighth floor of the same Toronto apartment building where police say Sina Parsi's body was found on Friday night.Det. Shawn Mahoney says he believes the pair is travelling with the dog and are likely hitchhiking rather than using the train or bus because of the animal.Mahoney says investigators have received many unconfirmed sightings of the pair in both northern and eastern Ontario.He calls the pair unsophisticated and unlikely to have enough money to leave the country.