06/15/2015 08:05 EDT | Updated 06/15/2016 05:59 EDT

No charges after man complains officer kicked him in face, stomped on his head

VICTORIA - B.C.'s Criminal Justice Branch says no charges will be laid against two police officers for allegedly using excessive force in arresting a drunk passenger who walked away after a head-on crash.

The branch did not name the officers or the man and says that when a Mountie responded to a collision near Chilliwack in February 2014, two male passengers and a female driver in one of the vehicles had left the scene.

It says the trio was located a kilometre away but during an attempt to arrest them, the complainant became involved in a confrontation with two officers.

The branch says the man filed a complaint to the police complaint commissioner four months later, but didn't mention any allegations about facial injuries at the hands of a female officer.

It says he also complained to the Independent Investigations Office that the Mountie threw him face down to the ground, kicked him in the face and stomped on his head.

The branch also says that when the man received medical treatment for his facial injuries, he told medical staff that his face struck the seat in front of him during the crash and that he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.