06/15/2015 03:54 EDT | Updated 06/15/2016 05:59 EDT

Richard Henry Bain trial could face further delays

There are more delays in the case of Richard Henry Bain, the man accused of first degree murder in the deadly election night shooting at a Parti Québecois victory party in Montreal 2012.

A pre-trial conference that was supposed to take place Monday afternoon has been delayed until July 30, in part because Bain's defence lawyer Alan Guttman only received a copy of a long-awaited psychiatric report Monday morning.

Guttman told the court he barely had time to consult the 78-page report, prepared by the Philippe Pinel Institute, which was supposed to be delivered last week.

The contents of the psychiatric report are protected by a publication ban, but Guttman said he was "very surprised" by the conclusions drawn in the report.

Guttman said he would hire his own psyhciatrist to assess Bain and prepare a report.

Bain's lawyer still not paid

In addition, Guttman said he has still not been paid part of the fee he is due for defending Bain in agreement worked out with the Attorney General of Quebec.

The sale of one of Bain's properties for $40,000 was supposed to help fund Bain's defence.

Guttman told the court he has not yet received that money, and he needs it to hire his own psychiatrist to prepare a report on Bain.

Justice Guy Cournoyer told Guttman he would have to find a way to work that out with the Attorney General.

"The balance between the public purse and the right to a fair trial is sometimes a delicate ballet in which many dancers appear," Cournoyer told Guttman.

Trial may not begin until 2016

In March, Justice Cournoyer said he was determined the trial would begin in September.

But on Monday afternoon, Cournoyer said he would still like to see that happen, but acknowledged the trial may be delayed until spring 2016.

Upon hearing that, Bain rose to address the court.

"I want to get to trial. I want to get this over with," Bain told Cournoyer.

Cournoyer said he understood Bain's frustration but asked him to be patient.

After the hearing, Guttman told reporters he thought a September start for the trial was now unlikely.

"It's possible, but I won't bet on it. Chances are that I will have to ask for a postponement. I don't think Mr. Bain will be very happy, but all I'm interested in is he has a fair trial," Guttman said.

Guttman, a veteran defence lawyer, told reporters this case — with its numerous delays and hiccups — was not like any other he had ever dealt with.

"I've seen some strange cases, but this tops the list," Guttman said