06/15/2015 03:07 EDT | Updated 06/15/2015 03:59 EDT

Signs You Went To BCIT (VIDEO)

From those loooong lineups at the Willingdon bus stop to the apocalyptic crows in the fall, the Burnaby campus of the British Columbia Institute of Technology is full of quirks.

Whether you waited an eternity for a burger on "Triple 'O' Tuesdays" or you decided to roll the dice with the Impark villains officials, we present Signs You Went To BCIT:

  • You spent a lot of time at Mugs.
    Friday afternoons look like this.
  • You rocked a BCIT sweater.
    Daniel Stevens
  • These guys.
    Dennis S HurdFlickr
    Do they ever go inside?
  • You thought you were Impark-invincible.
    MemeGenerator/Ty Clark
    Someone has probably already paid for that spot, right?
  • Guichon Creek was your version of the great outdoors.
    Ty Clark
    The closest thing to wildlife you've seen in months.
  • You got stuck parking in the upper lot.
    You were almost on time, but then you had to park in that damn lot and trek to class.
  • You napped around the corner from the gym.
    Alyssa Harrison
    Among other spots.
  • The Stand
    Ty Clark
    You go through a coffee card at the Stand once a week.
  • Waiting for the 125 and 130 buses.
  • ... And waiting some more.
    Daniel Stevens
  • But you didn't mind waiting for Triple O Tuesdays.
    Isriya Paireepairit
  • Why do they stand there for so long?
    Rhianna Schmunk
    TV people.
  • You learned about biology walking through NE1.
    Interior designers and nurses sharing a building with trades students is like watching a scene out of National Geographic. Marketing ladies, amirite?
  • Express Line? Phffftt.
    Ty Clark

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