06/16/2015 10:29 EDT

Lies People Have Said During Sex (Including Orgasms)

You may not think about what you say in the heat of the moment during sex, but it turns out a lot of our expressions are flat out lies.

The video above by Buzzfeed and Whisper (a site that allows Internet users to leave secrets anonymously) put together a list of the most terrible yet truthful things people have said to their partners during sex. From lying about orgasms to feeling good to even thinking about their exes, it seems like a lot of us could be more open in communicating.

According to sex experts, some of the most common problems people have in bed include mismatched sexual desire or no time, and even one person cheating on the other. They also mention that while things like medical illnesses can change the way one has sex in general, being open with your partner is the best way to make sure each person is pleasured and satisfied.

Other things people have lied about include being on birth control, having/not having their period and lying about the appearance of their partner's genitals, The Stir notes.


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