Drunk Groom Attempts A Terrible Lap Dance, Embarrasses His Wife

It's one thing to get horrifically drunk at your own wedding, but it's another to attempt a lap dance and embarrass your new wife.

In a YouTube video posted by user Lussy Dan last week, an obviously drunk groom attempts to give his new wife lap dance before sliding off her and falling down.

On top of all of this, what's even more embarrassing is this man's attempt to get his wife's garter off her leg and keep it in his mouth. Although the wedding guests clearly found his shenanigans hilarious, you could tell this poor bride wasn't into it.

While having a glass of wine or a few drinks on your big day is justifiable, experts will tell you not to get wasted or even stay away from booze altogether at your wedding. According to Flask.com, photographers, videographers and in-laws are always paying attention... especially when you least expect it.

Watch the video above at your own risk.