06/17/2015 03:39 EDT | Updated 06/24/2016 03:59 EDT

Pride 2015: 28 LGBTQ Canadians To Celebrate This Year

June is the month for Pride, and it's been a landmark one in 2015.

Between record-breaking attendance at Winnipeg's parade and petitions for giant rainbow displays in Vancouver, LGBTQ rights are being celebrated across the country.

And of course, transgender people are front and centre in the news after Caitlyn Jenner made her outstanding debut on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Trans issues have become a major topic of public discussion and that conversation is only likely to heat up as Toronto's Pride Week, one of the largest in the world, begins on June 19.

But then, the conversation was already happening.

Even before Jenner's cover, Pride Vancouver required that parade marchers sign a pledge to support the rights of transgender and gender-variant Canadians, BuzzFeed reported.

With transgender issues in the public eye, we've compiled a list of LGBTQ Canadians to celebrate as Pride approaches.

In doing so, we have foregrounded some Canadians who have changed how we think about gender identity, in addition to many others who have come forward about their own sexuality.

And made us all proud doing it.

Here are 28 LGBTQ Canadians to celebrate this Pride Day:

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