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40 Gift Ideas For Teachers

There's really something for everyone!

Teachers have the important job of taking care of our little (or not-so-little) ones when we're not around, and with the last day of school coming up next week across Canada, this is the perfect time for your kid to shower his or her favourite teacher with a gift.

Of course, apples and booze-related items come to mind, but sometimes, finding a gift really comes down to a teacher's after school activities.They could be huge bookworms, love to try out their own science experiments after hours or run marathons on the weekend. And if you don't know your child's teacher that well, use this opportunity and remember to get to know your child's educator earlier next year.

In a 2008 feature from the Star, teachers shared their favourite end-of-the-year gifts from students, including paint brushes, letters from their students and ceramic cats. Others would genuinely love something that improves their classroom, like school supplies. As it turns out for teachers, it really is the thought that counts.

Below are 40 of our favourite items any teacher — from preschool to high school — would appreciate, from new mugs to new desk accessories to things that will contribute to their coffee addictions.

And if you still can't figure out the perfect gift, a gift card won't hurt.

Best Gifts For Teachers
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