06/17/2015 06:00 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 05:59 EDT

ITAC criticizes federal government's IT contracting, then withdraws report

Contracting frustrations made public

The report outlines a number of contracts for which the procurement process became problematic, in ITAC's view.

For example, ITAC highlights the contract awarded to Bell Canada and CGI to create a unique email system for employees of 43 federal departments and agencies.

- From 2011: Federal agency to trim IT costs

This contract, worth $398 million, experienced significant delays. The new system was scheduled to launch in all departments by March 31. The launch date has now been postponed to September 2016.

The ITAC report criticized the government for seeking the lowest bidder without giving enough consideration to the technical expertise necessary for completion.

ITAC also wrote that it was not informed of all aspects of the contract within a reasonable time frame. Had it been made aware of all the information, certain companies may not have bid for it.

'We made a mistake'