06/17/2015 12:30 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 01:12 EDT

Manitoba Opposition leader wants probe into government advertising

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Opposition Leader Brian Pallister is calling for an independent review of all government advertising to remove any partisan promotion.Pallister says the NDP government's Steady Growth, Good Jobs campaign is a misuse of taxpayer dollars because it promotes the governing party.Pallister's Progressive Conservatives complained to the auditor general, who replied that he could look into the matter only with the agreement of all three parties.The Tories are now asking the NDP to support the idea.Pallister says if he wins next year's election, he would give the auditor general the power to disallow any government advertising if it is partisan.Documents obtained by The Canadian Press show the government spent close to $1 million in the last fiscal year on the Steady Growth, Good Jobs Campaign, which is aimed at showing that money from the province's sales tax increase is being used on infrastructure work.That money is on top of another $232,121 the government spent to promote its budget in a three-week period last month.