06/17/2015 11:35 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 01:12 EDT

Prior to 2013, Mike Duffy filed income taxes as Ontario resident, trial told

OTTAWA - Sen. Mike Duffy filed his federal and provincial taxes as an Ontario resident, up until the year the scandal around his expenses broke open in 2013.The suspended parliamentarian's fraud and breach of trust trial is hearing again from government forensic accountant Mark Grenon.Grenon was able to analyze many of Duffy's financial records.The 31 charges to which Duffy has pleaded not guilty include several involving the Senate living expenses he claimed for a home in the Ottawa area, while claiming a cottage in Prince Edward Island was his primary residence.The documents also show that Duffy declared part of his Ottawa home as an expense for his side business, Mike Duffy Media Services.Ontario Justice Charles Vaillancourt has yet to determine whether he will accept Grenon's expert testimony as fact for the purposes of the trial.