06/17/2015 13:01 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 01:12 EDT

Survey: Automotive quality improves, but Japan can't keep pace with Korea, Europe and US

DETROIT - A new survey of auto industry quality has found that cars and trucks from Europe, Korea and the U.S. have improved so much that Japanese automakers are having trouble keeping pace.The survey by the J.D. Power consulting firm also found that quality is starting to improve for the auto industry as a whole despite continued problems with entertainment systems. For the first time since 2012, buyers reported fewer problems in the first 90 days of owning cars than the previous year.The 2015 survey of more than 84,000 car buyers found that Porsche was once again the top brand for quality. Kia vaulted five spots to take second place and its sister brand Hyundai finished fourth. Jaguar, in third, and Infiniti rounded out the top five.